One of my passions is sharing my love of science with the rest of the world!


In Summer 2019, I was a Design Team Leader for ISEE’s Professional Development Workshop. Our team led an activity at the AstroTech workshop at Berkeley, a workshop geared towards advancing underrepresented minorities in instrumentation. In 2020 and 2021, I served on the Curriculum Development team for AstroTech and led activities related to spectral resolution, gratings, science case development, and spectrograph conceptual design at the 2021 AstroTech.

I was a member of the UCSC Diversity & Inclusion committee in the Astronomy & Astrophysics department. We plan regular discussions and workshops for the community to come together and work on building a more inclusive environment.


I was a UCLA Planetarium Coordinator from June 2013-2018. UCLA offers free public shows every Wednesday night and offer private shows to local school groups!

I served as the UCLA WIPA Events Coordinator from 2015-2017. I organized outreach events and plan meetings for undergraduate and graduate students to interact with female colloquium speakers.

I was a member of the UCLA Astronomy Diversity Committee. We hosted workshops focused on improving diversity and inclusion in our department.

I gave astronomy demos with Astronomy Live!, the UCLA Astronomy outreach group. My favorite demo is the rockets demo; I was the rockets booth coordinator for 2014, 2015, and 2017 at our annual day of science, Exploring Your Universe.

I was an organizer for the UCLA Astronomy Live! High School Summer Observing Workshop since its inception in 2013 until I left in 2018.  I coordinated and ran the observing with the Lick Nickel 1-m telescope for 4 years, in addition to mentoring the high school students on their independent research projects.

summer observing workshop
High School Students from our 2016 Summer Observing Workshop! I’m on the left, and fellow UCLA graduate students Ryan Sanders and Michael Topping are on the far right.